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StructureCare® = Engineering+Restoration+Predictive Maintenance

Your Trusted Parking Garage Professional

Parking structures are an important and necessary supporting asset to many corporate and commercial properties, often serving as the gateway to a facility.  Unmanaged deterioration, disruptions, dirty and hazardous conditions, and unpredictable operational costs all detract from this important first impression.  StructureCare® team will compliment and add value to your facility’s staff expertise as your experienced parking garage professional.  Our engineers and field service staff focus on the long-term developing and implementing repair, restoration and preventive maintenance programs for garages of all construction types. Peace of mind, predictability and managed operational cost will allow your property managers to efficiently focus their efforts on your client’s needs.

  • Detailed Condition Assessments-which include documentation of current conditions, root cause analysis of failures, prioritized repair recommendations along with probable cost.
  • Predictive Maintenance Program Development-provides an organized, site specific operations and maintenance plan.
  • In-Service Training of Faculty Staff-trains staff to implement portions of the PM plan, including necessary periodic and winter maintenance.
  • Restoration Management and Implementation-our engineering and field teams can design and perform restoration and repair strategies.
  • Structural Predictive Maintenance Services-experience field personnel can perform routine maintenance services beyond the scope of facility staff.

Our team of engineers and field service professionals has a wealth of knowledge from its experience with the construction, design and repair of over 800 garages.  The StructureCare® program extends this extensive engineering and field resource to a growing number of institutional garage owners in the northeast to help preserve and manage their parking assets at the lowest possible operating cost.  Some of our notable clients in real estate development and property management include, Jones Lang LaSalle, Lehigh University, Mainline Health, West Chester Bureau and Williamsport Parking Authority.

For more information on StructureCare® please contact the Business Development Representative in your region.

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John McCormick
General Manager
Cell: 412.596.6696
Fax: 866.808.6362


Business Development

Technical Services

SC Andrew Larkin

Andrew Larkin
Business Development Representative
Territory: PA/DE/NJ
Cell: 717.682.2604 
Fax: 866.808.6362 

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Franc Genoese
Sr. Director of Technical Services
Cell: 717.682.1414
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SC Michael Hunter

Michael Hunter
Business Development Representative
Territory: MD/DC/VA
Cell: 716.388.2354 
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Bob Grasser 
Client Service Manager
Territory: PA/DE
Cell: 717.682.1407
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SC Dan MacEachern

Dan MacEachern 
Client Service Manager
Territory: NJ/NY
Cell: 717.538.4898
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Kristina Mory
Strategic Sales Manager
Cell: 717.798.2491
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Engineering + Restoration + Training + Preventive Maintenance

WE LISTEN We pay close attention to what matters A you your organization and the overall health of the garage and safety of your garage patrons

WE SIMPLIFY With our full service team of engineers, project managers, and field technicians we simplify and streamline the implementation of garage repair and preventive maintenance solutions.

WE ENABLE We will recommended cost-effective, long-term solution that are right for you and your organization


StructureCare™ Comprehensive Service

Engineering Consultant

Owner/ Property Manager

Owner/ Property Manager

Evaluate Need

Initial consultation

Assessment of General

Walk through review - notable observation

Recommendation for Process

Based on age, usage, and conditions

Formal/Informal Inspection

In-depth evaluation with focus on underlying causes

Repair Analysis

Incidental to evaluation process

Specification Development

Incidental to evaluation process

Repair Management

Managed by Engineering Team

Repair Implementation

Field Technicians directed by engineering team

Repair Follow-up            
Repair Accountability        


Technical Support

Facilitate improvements & problem solving


Education to support owner/property management

Preventative Maintenance Services

Chloride wash downs, routine repairs & treatments

Safety Audits

Reduce hazards and risk

Periodic Technical Support

Education, awareness, PM service reminders


Leak Survey

Facilitates less costly interim repair, as needed

Periodic Inspections

Identify developing conditions early


Our Philosophy is unique in that we believe in a strong connection between the engineering and implementation of a solution, particularly if there is interest in long term results. The singular ability, under one roof, to problem solve, engineer and implement a solution is what StructureCare™ delivers to our clients. This includes an emergency repair, a restoration issue, or a preventive maintenance plan. StructureCare™ works with you to develop real solutions. The traditional Design-Bid-Build business model has an incomplete accountability ownership often resulting in unmet expectations.