We deliver predictive structural maintenance strategies that help you plan accurately and accomplish more — all within your budget. Whether you’re looking for solutions for precast parking structures or cast-in-place garages, we can help.

Structural engineer inspecting parking garage

Our unique parking maintenance approach

Predictive maintenance uses the data gathered from assessing your whole parking structure to make informed predictions about what’s needed over the next three to five years. It’s a mix of experience, historical knowledge and investigation. The result is a parking garage with a longer service life, maintenance budgets that never surprise and uninterrupted business.

When we do discover a potential structural problem, our garage restoration services team is ready. We help schedule the best time for repairs or maintenance, handling every vendor and timeline. Plus, we will deliver a detailed proposal to give you budget stability. 

Line Striping

Line Striping

Winter Damage

Winter Damage

Anticipate, mitigate and control

At the center of our predictive maintenance approach are these three ideas: anticipate, mitigate and control. It’s what creates a maintenance routine without surprises and without big expenses.

Anticipate: Our comprehensive inspections let us understand what’s unique about your parking structure, including challenges during construction, environmental factors and the small signs of damage that point to larger issues.

Mitigate: Here’s where maintenance comes into play. This is the ongoing, important step that keeps your parking garage operational, safe and profitable.

Control: Once “anticipate” and “mitigate” are in full effect, you gain control over your parking structure. You can plan for repairs and restoration, stretch your budget further and extend the service life of your garage.

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