Parking Structure Services

Whether your garage is newly built or has seen decades of service — we understand your parking garage’s structural design. Our team provides maintenance, remediation and assessment for your entire parking structure’s lifetime. Plus, we never charge you for unexpected setbacks that affect the scope of work we agreed to, which means your parking operations management team knows the life-cycle cost of a project before our structural repair team gets started.

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Parking structure maintenance services

Need a parking garage structural system inspection as soon as your new facility is complete? We’ve got you covered. Want to know what your parking structure will need in two, four or twenty years, or when you need to consider concrete restoration? We’ve got you covered there, too. We’re your partner for assessment, maintenance, restoration and structural repair operations. Plus, we can help train your maintenance staff to find and fix problems before they become emergencies.

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Structural repair & remediation

What’s the biggest headache with restoration operations? When it costs more than you expect. Worse yet, poor timing can drive those costs up even more. We take care of both those problems. We are ready to determine how extensive a fix is needed, and if there are any hidden problems as well. Plus, our structural remediation services team coordinates every aspect of the work, so you don’t have to juggle multiple consultants and contractors.

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Parking garage maintenance

We take maintenance to the highest level. Unlike a standard preventative maintenance system, our predictive maintenance program anticipates issues and mitigates them, so you control the service life of your garage. With our predictive maintenance program, you aren’t responding to structural repair issues — you’re preventing them. And because you’re not deferring maintenance, you’re extending the service life of your garage while protecting patrons and your structure.

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Parking garage inspections

Inspections and assessments are where the magic happens. A thorough inspection can pinpoint what’s happening with a parking structure, potentially mitigating thousands of dollars in repair. By discovering small signs of deterioration early, StructureCare can develop a plan for repair and maintenance to the parking garage structural system. That means you’re uncovering underlying causes and choosing when to fix problems — instead of having the problem choose for you.

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Our team of structural repair pros can help train your maintenance staff to be more proactive and effective. We can educate your team on the causes and consequences of parking garage deterioration, how to perform spring and winter maintenance more effectively and the role of inspection and prevention in avoiding remediation.

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