Structural Repair and Restoration

Our engineering-led parking structure restoration services range from concrete repair to waterproofing system replacements and everything in between.

Accidents and natural disasters are unpredictable, but most structural issues happen progressively over time. Routine inspections can identify these issues early, mitigating large-scale repairs. But when you do need help with a structural repair, our team brings engineered solutions designed specifically for your garage.

Whether you need support with an accident or in an emergency, or have ongoing repairs planned, we can help you develop long-term strategies to prevent deterioration.

Workers scarifying parking garage concrete

Knowing when you need structural repair services

Structural repairs and testing differ based on the type of parking garage you have. A precast parking garage often requires structural repairs at its joints, while a cast-in-place parking structure most commonly fails in its internal steel framework. These issues aren’t always exposed,s so it’s difficult to know they exist without a comprehensive inspection. Once found, structural problems should be resolved immediately to avoid a situation that diminishes the capacity of your garage — or worse, leads to a catastrophic failure.


Concrete Repair


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White Paper 02/04/2022

Preventive vs. Predictive Maintenance Guide for Parking Garages

Every environment. Every season. Every day. Your parking structure is constantly exposed to harsh conditions that impact its structural health. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to protect your investment with a strategic maintenance approach.

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Article 02/16/2022

When It Comes to Parking Structure Repairs, Don’t Wait

There are many factors that may make your building’s maintenance needs different from those of the parking garage just down the street. But all garages require some level of upkeep to ensure they’re safe, functional and able to be maintained cost-effectively.

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Infographic 06/09/2022

Parking Structure Deterioration Guide

A parking garage is subject to stress from the first day concrete is poured and the structure is erected. Without proper maintenance, deterioration can reduce the structure’s service life by up to one-third — and result in unplanned downtime, exposure to increased risk, unexpected maintenance and increased costs.

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