Parking Garage Caulking

Water is a major source of corrosion and deterioration in parking garages, especially in colder environments where freezing occurs. Caulking, sometimes called joint sealant, protects vulnerable areas from water and harmful de-icing chemicals. Proper maintenance and replacement of these garage waterproofing elements is often less costly than repairing the significant deterioration that failure can cause.

Cracked caulking in parking garage concrete

Knowing when you need caulking services

Aging and exposure to the elements deteriorate sealing caulk. As joint sealants reach the end of their service life, they become less elastic and start to dry out, especially if exposed to the sun. Improper installation, damage from winter maintenance and even abrasions from dirt can also cause failure in caulking. A comprehensive inspection will help identify this type of damage and its root cause so you can address the problem immediately to avoid larger-scale repairs.


Experts in caulk repair and replacement

Our experts will periodically perform leak surveys during rainy weather to identify leaks. We’ll then determine the right approach, whether that’s a localized repair or full parking garage sealant replacement. With help from a StructureCare expert, your team can ensure all your waterproofing systems, including caulking, properly protect your parking garage.

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