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Article 01/26/2024

Parking Structure Winter Maintenance

As part of our winter maintenance training program, which we offer to clients throughout the Northeast and Midwest, we provide guidance on best practices to mitigate deterioration to
your structure

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StructureCare 01/24/2024

Health of a Parking Structure

We do whatever it takes to solve our clients' problems with trust, accountability, and integrity. The health of a parking structure is a valuable asset for a healthcare system and StructureCare is here to help ensure that is an easy process for you, so you can focus on your patients and we can focus on your structure. 

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NYC Law Campaign
News 11/07/2022

Stay in your lane! How the new NYC parking inspection law applies to you

In case you missed it, New York City has changed the way parking structures are being managed with revisions to New York City Department of Building laws (Construction Codes §28-323 and Rules of City of New York (RCNY) §103-13).  

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NYC Law Campaign
News 11/02/2022

Why does the government make parking garage and structural inspection laws?

New laws are being enacted that focus on enforcing parking structure inspections and condition assessments by qualified engineering professionals. These new laws are intended to provide an “ounce of prevention” and offer parking structure owners, occupiers, investors, and the local community a “pound of cure” to reduce potential garage collapses.

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NYC Law Campaign
News 10/31/2022

What is a Qualified Parking Structure Inspector (QPSI) and How Do I Hire One?

To achieve compliance, New York City parking structure owners and/or owners’ reps must hire a New York City Qualified Parking Inspector, or QPSI, to perform a condition assessment report with the New York City Department of Buildings every six years.

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NYC Parking Garage Inspection
News 10/28/2022

Three Easy Steps to Comply with New York City’s New Parking Inspection Law

Launched on January 1, 2022, owners of parking structures must now hire a New York State licensed and registered professional engineer (Qualified Parking Structure Inspector)

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NYC Law Campaign
News 10/14/2022

Meet Steven Jeter, NYC Qualified Parking Structure Inspection (QPSI): Part 2

In the second of two posts in this series, we get to know Steven more personally in a more casual Q&A type post.

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NYC Parking Garage Inspection
News 10/10/2022

Meet Steven Jeter, NYC Qualified Parking Structure Inspection (QPSI): Part I

Steven is a Senior Field Engineer for StructureCare in the Northeast Territory. Based in Queens, Steven has a background in forensic structural engineering.

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News 10/05/2022

The Top Five Things You Need To Know About NYC’s New Parking Structure Laws

In an effort to keep buildings, local communities and parking structure end-users safe, parking garage owners and owner’s representatives must now complete a certified structural inspection for any parking garage located within the five boroughs of New York City.

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NYC Parking Garage Inspection
News 10/03/2022

New NYC Laws Affect Parking Structure Owners and Owner’s Reps

Parking structure owners and/or owner’s representatives (property managers, facility managers, occupiers) must now complete a structural inspection for any parking garage located within the five boroughs of New York City.

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Parking Garage
News 09/26/2022

New York City's New Parking Structure Inspection Law

Like many governing bodies and municipalities, City officials considered these changes in light of recent concrete garage and building structure collapses that have been responsible for both casualties and significant property damage.

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Article 07/22/2022

Parking Structure Waterproofing Systems: Sealers, Sealants, Expansion Joints & Deck Coatings

Every parking structure should have a waterproofing system in place. But your structure’s needs will vary depending on how it was originally constructed and how it’s been maintained over the years.

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Article 06/22/2022

Cast-in-Place vs. Precast Concrete: Parking Structure Maintenance Considerations

Every garage, no matter how it’s built, is susceptible to deterioration. But the type, location and extent of this deterioration can vary greatly, depending on how the garage was constructed. It’s important to understand the design differences between precast concrete and cast-in-place garages — as well as how these differences affect the potential for damage — so you can develop a maintenance approach that best serves your structure.

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Infographic 06/09/2022

Parking Structure Deterioration Guide

A parking garage is subject to stress from the first day concrete is poured and the structure is erected. Without proper maintenance, deterioration can reduce the structure’s service life by up to one-third — and result in unplanned downtime, exposure to increased risk, unexpected maintenance and increased costs.

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Article 04/29/2022

Parking Garage Spring Maintenance Checklist

From snow to ice to wind, parking structures are subject to the worst conditions winter offers. As we move into warmer weather, now is the time to assess the winter damage your parking structure may have endured during the colder months so you can prioritize necessary maintenance and repairs.

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Project 03/31/2022

Case Study: Innovative Concrete Restoration Revives Hospital Parking Structure With Zero Downtime to Critical Infrastructure

Complex concrete restorations often require engineered solutions that are carried out by expert teams working in close collaboration. Learn how StructureCare developed and implemented a challenging restoration project to combat hazards that threatened the structural health of a busy hospital’s parking garage.

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Article 02/16/2022

When It Comes to Parking Structure Repairs, Don’t Wait

There are many factors that may make your building’s maintenance needs different from those of the parking garage just down the street. But all garages require some level of upkeep to ensure they’re safe, functional and able to be maintained cost-effectively.

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White Paper 02/04/2022

Preventive vs. Predictive Maintenance Guide for Parking Garages

Every environment. Every season. Every day. Your parking structure is constantly exposed to harsh conditions that impact its structural health. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to protect your investment with a strategic maintenance approach.

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Article 12/14/2021

The Value and Benefit of Predictive Maintenance

Generally speaking, parking structure repair becomes top-of-mind for parking structure owners and parking management companies when there’s a problem — or worse, when they’re informed of a problem by someone else.

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Article 12/14/2021

A New Approach to Parking Garage Repair Contractors

You notice a problem in your garage. Maybe a crack has formed in a concrete pillar. Maybe a patron complained about staining on their car. Or maybe you’ve noticed that your parking structure leaks after a heavy rain.

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Article 12/14/2021

How to Handle Parking Structure Weather Challenges Year-Round

Weather resiliency, or the ability of a structure to withstand weather events, has become increasingly important as weather patterns change and become more severe.

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