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A new regulation, Section 3143.04 of the city of Cleveland, Ohio code of ordinances, has introduced mandatory inspection and reporting requirements that every parking garage owner needs to follow to stay compliant. 

This new law mandates critical inspections every five years, but that’s just the beginning. Initial inspections and reports are required within one year from February 6, 2024. 

Below we will talk about details regarding the Cleveland Law: 

  • Responsibilities of Parking Garage Owners 
  • Repercussions of Not Meeting Law Requirements  
  • Cities Near Cleveland 
  • Next Steps 

Responsibilities of Parking Garage Owners 
Parking garage owners need to pay attention to the five key details.  

  1. Determine if your parking structure falls under the requirements of the law.
  2. Retain a Qualified Inspector to assess your parking garage and write a report based on the requirements of the code.    
    • A Qualified Inspector is typically a design professional licensed by the State of Ohio, more commonly known as Architects and Engineers.
  3. If unsafe conditions are found during the inspection: Notify the Director of Building and Housing immediately, in writing, of the unsafe conditions.     
    • Immediately begin repair, reinforcement or precautionary measures, with the required permits, to abate the unsafe condition to ensure public safety.
    • Submit the initial written report to the Director of Building and Housing by February 6, 2025, and keep a physical copy of the report onsite. 
  4. File follow-up inspection reports with The Director of Building and Housing every five years from the date of the original report. 

Repercussions of Not Meeting Law Requirements 
Staying compliant is not only about avoiding penalties, but also about ensuring the safety of every user and the long-term viability of your property. 
Asset Implications 
Parking structures, particularly in climates like Cleveland, are susceptible to many different types of deterioration.  
Left uninspected, these deterioration mechanisms could pose risks to people and property  - examples include: falling concrete, tripping hazards, and even partial collapses – some of which have occurred in Northeast Ohio - that have spurred enactment of this law. 
Financial Implications 
Per Section 3143.05: 

The Director of Building and Housing shall issue a parking garage certificate only after having received satisfactory proof of inspection, and after the inspection report of the architect or engineer reports a safe condition.  
No owner or person in control of a parking garage subject to the requirements in this chapter shall permit the parking garage to be used without such certificate. 
Per Section 3143.99: 
“…whoever violates any provision of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree. Each day during which noncompliance or a violation continues shall constitute a separate offense. 
Organizations convicted of an offense shall be fined as provided by Cleveland Codified Ordinance Sections 601.10 and 601.99.” 
Per Section 601.99 of the city code of ordinances, an organization convicted of a first-degree misdemeanor is subject to a maximum fine of $5,000 per offense. 
Cities Near Cleveland 
The codified ordinance only applies to parking garages in Cleveland proper. If your asset is not in Cleveland, it is not subject to the law. 

If not located in Cleveland, determine if the jurisdiction in which your asset is located requires inspection. For example: Beachwood, Ohio requires inspection and subsequent reporting for parking structures in the city every two (2) years. 

Next Steps 

Whether required by law or not, preventative inspection and maintenance of parking structures is always a good idea. 

As leaders in parking structure management and safety compliance, StructureCare is here to guide you through the complexities of the Inspection and Reporting Requirements for Parking Garages in Cleveland, Ohio. 
We offer comprehensive inspection and reporting services to ensure your parking facilities meet all legal requirements and maintain the highest safety standards. 

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Nick Heim, PE 
Innovation Engineer, Ohio