Concrete Repair for Garage Restoration

Concrete was used in your parking garage’s construction, whether you have a precast parking structure or a cast-in-place parking garage. And although concrete can last a long time when properly cared for, it’s still subject to deterioration. It’s essential to address garage concrete and take care of deterioration as soon as possible so it doesn’t accelerate — and lead to higher overall costs.

Cars parked in clean parking garage

Knowing when you need garage concrete repair services

No matter what type of parking structure you have, there are several observable signs that it’s in need of garage concrete repair. For example, you may see concrete rubble on the parking garage floor and a cavity — called a spall — beginning to form on the wall or ceiling. Or your patrons may complain of white calcium staining on their vehicles, which indicates chemical deterioration. As soon as you see symptoms like these, it’s time to reach out to an expert for structural concrete repair solutions.


Experts in parking garage concrete repair

We can help you with the maintenance of concrete structures. Our team is skilled in the identification and mitigation of issues from shallow concrete cover to chemical deterioration. Engage a StructureCare expert today to take care of common concrete repairs.

Types of concrete deterioration that may need repair

Steel beam with active corrosion

Shallow concrete cover repair 

Parking garage concrete often contains reinforcing steel, and if the concrete around the steel isn’t thick enough, it can allow cracking, which can lead to water damage or exposure to harmful de-icing chemicals. The steel is left vulnerable to rust and deterioration.

Concrete chemical deterioration

De-icing chemicals — particularly chlorides — penetrate concrete structures. When these chemicals penetrate deeply enough, they change the chemistry within the concrete, which can lead to large-scale issues like deterioration.

Corrosion in parking structure
Rust and corrosion on structural steel

Concrete corrosion

Concrete corrosion may be the result of poor water drainage, chemical deterioration or even marine environments, where a lot of salt is present in the air. Steel that's exposed due to concrete corrosion is also highly vulnerable to rust and deterioration.

Concrete cracks and scaling

Though a small piece of cracked concrete may seem like no big deal, freeze/thaw cycles can widen a crack over time, eventually leading to a structural issue. Cracks and scaling also allow de-icing chemicals to penetrate underneath the surface, which can lead to additional deterioration over time.

Crack in parking deck concrete

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