Parking Garage Line Striping

Line striping is more than a cosmetic element in a parking structure. From wayfinding to identifying hazards, lines are an essential tool for guidance and safety. Faded lines or lines painted in a hard-to-see color can make it difficult for patrons to navigate the structure and create the perception that it’s dirty, not well maintained or even unsafe.

Parking garage line striping

Knowing when you need line striping

As lines become harder to see, it’s possible that your garage structure requires power washing to clear away dirt and refresh the appearance of lines. However, if the paint itself is fading, it’s time to consider line striping. Roof-level lines are subject to UV exposure, which may make them deteriorate more quickly than interior lines.


Experts in parking line striping

We provide line striping solutions that minimize disruptions and keep your costs as low as possible. Our team can also assess and recommend updates to signage, which often works together with line striping to ensure patrons and employees can navigate the garage structure clearly and safely.

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Types of line striping services

Line restriping
Line restriping
Our experts will fully plan the project, from identifying the right line striping paint system to creating a workplan that minimizes facility disruptions. Then, we’ll measure and paint.
Line overcoating
We can overcoat existing lines to increase their visibility and freshen their appearance to make sure your garage looks well-maintained — while keeping your line striping cost down.

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