Repairs & Restoration

Eventually, all structures require some level of repair or restoration due to the passage of time and exposure. In our colder regions parking garages are exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture and ultraviolet light coupled with the wear and tear of traffic and winter maintenance. Over time, deterioration progresses to the point of failure. Early, experienced intervention is important in order to control cost and mitigate hazard development.

Proper repair and restoration requires a hand-in-hand relationship between engineering and field services. Implementation of a proactive, long-term solution involves the following key elements:

  1. Experienced Root Cause Analysis – The symptoms and underlying conditions must be thoroughly evaluated for root cause in order to insure a long-term solution. Experienced structural engineering is the foundation of this evaluation.
  2. Design of Cost Effective Repair Strategy – An appropriate repair strategy must be both cost effective to implement and maintain as well as consistent with the original design The most effective solutions are created by the engineering and field service teams working together to create the most practical long-term solution.
  3. Repair/Restoration Implementation – Proper implementation requires experienced field services working directly under the guidance of experienced engineers. This team approach insures seamless communication and a single point of accountability for the results.