Parking Structure Services

Preserving value, hassle-free ownership, cost-effective maintenance, maintenance predictability. These are all very possible for today's parking garage owners if you plan for routine maintenance throughout the life of the structure.

Periodic maintenance and inspection of your parking garage, like the need for exercise, eating right, and routine health exams, ensure that vital systems are functioning as they should. Deterioration in the structural and waterproofing systems, most often caused by improper snow and ice management, inadequate cleaning and maintenance, and ignoring small signs of distress, can lead to serious and expensive structural repairs. It's not uncommon for owners to learn of such repairs at the worst possible moment. However, these surprises can be avoided if proper maintenance is planned and budgeted.

Not all parking structures are alike. So, in order to prepare an appropriate budget for maintenance and repairs,. consider the location, structure type, age, and usage. The budget should anticipate the annual expenses for specific daily, weekly, monthly, and semi-annual services, and also accrue MONEY for the replacement systems that will be necessary about every seven to 12 years.

StructureCare® can assist you with the information you need to develop your budget, so that you can enjoy low-cost maintenance, predictability, and peace of mind.