Detailed Conditions Assessment

Get the details on your parking structure's condition, and a plan to address any issues.

A Detailed Condition Assessment is a report that includes documentation of current conditions, root cause analysis of failures, prioritized repair recommendations along with order of magnitude pricing. 

The report serves as a baseline reference document outlining the condition of your parking garage at a specific moment in time. It can be used to guide future inspections, as well as maintenance and repair activities. Ultimately, it will become an integral part of the overall condition history of your facility. The report includes:

General Summary – identifies any major findings and provides a brief overview of the condition of the parking garage.
Known Repair History – identifies repairs and improvements made to the structure.
Recommendations  – provides a response strategy for the major findings as well as general recommendations along with an implementation timeline. 
Future Planned Services  – an organized, site-specific operations and preventive maintenance plan, including inspection and/or testing.
In-Service Training of Facility Staff – may detail staff training services for implementation of the preventive maintenance plan, including necessary periodic and winter maintenance.
Appendices –  all the reference data that forms the foundation of the inspection document.