Effective and proactive management of a parking garage asset usually involves the skills of many. These often include internal facility staff and specialty vendors. Proper training is essential to make sure the entire team work towards a common goal. Our StructureCare™ team helps you create this common standard of care.

Typical Training Opportunities

  • Parking Garage Deterioration and Preventive Maintenance Overview
    • Review of the deterioration process
    • Root cause conditions
    • The role of inspection and prevention


  • Garage Layout Simplification
    • Create and review a simplified garage layout for ease of follow up communication


  • Spring Maintenance
    • Power washing tools and processes
    • Routine inspections


  • Winter Maintenance
    • The impact of winter maintenance on parking structures
    • How to develop a winter maintenance plan
    • Snow and vehicle load limits
    • Winter maintenance processes that mitigate damage