Parking Garage Management in Pennslyvania

Travelers come to Pennslyvania for a variety of reasons, from cheering on their favorite sports teams and perusing historical landmarks, to supporting local businesses. Whether you’re making sure heavy winters don’t damage your parking garages or you want to make sure your structures are meeting city standards, StructureCare can help you with modern parking garage services.


Home to 14 universities and colleges, there are a lot of commuters, staff, and potential students coming through your city. Make a great first impression with a well-maintained parking garage with StructureCare.

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There’s a sense of serenity with Lake Erie surrounding your city, but with this comes harsh, and wet winters. Ensure your structure’s ready for heavy snow by scheduling an inspection.

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Capital cities provide visitors with a standard for your entire state. Although often overlooked, parking garages make up a significant amount of your city’s infrastructure. Is yours meeting the standard? Learn more about StructureCare’s modern parking garage services.

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Lancaster City is rapidly becoming a small business hub, with strong ties to building tourism and the local economy. With this, comes a desire to improve parking garages for visitors, students,  and business commuters.

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With over 67 National Historic Landmarks and Pennsylvania’s largest city, Philadelphia brings in a lot of traffic. It’s crucial that your parking garages feel secure and well-maintained so drivers feel comfortable parking in them.

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After Philadelphia, Pittsburgh is one of the largest cities in Pennsylvania. Whether someone’s coming to a Pirates game, visiting the Zoo, or studying at Carnegie Mellon, make sure your parking structures meet the city standard.

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Although Scranton is most known as the home of Dunder Mifflin’s office space, Scranton also showcases multiple historic sites. Impress your communities with well-maintained parking structures.

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State College

With an average of over 108,000 fans per PSU football game, State College sees a lot of drivers coming and going each weekend. Guarantee your parking garages able to meet this demand and alleviate driver stress with StructureCare’s modern parking garage services.

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White Paper 02/04/2022

Preventive vs. Predictive Maintenance Guide for Parking Garages

Every environment. Every season. Every day. Your parking structure is constantly exposed to harsh conditions that impact its structural health. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to protect your investment with a strategic maintenance approach.

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Article 02/16/2022

When It Comes to Parking Structure Repairs, Don’t Wait

There are many factors that may make your building’s maintenance needs different from those of the parking garage just down the street. But all garages require some level of upkeep to ensure they’re safe, functional and able to be maintained cost-effectively.

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Infographic 06/09/2022

Parking Structure Deterioration Guide

A parking garage is subject to stress from the first day concrete is poured and the structure is erected. Without proper maintenance, deterioration can reduce the structure’s service life by up to one-third — and result in unplanned downtime, exposure to increased risk, unexpected maintenance and increased costs.

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