Comply with New York City’s New Parking Inspection Law

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Three Easy Steps to Comply with New York City’s New Parking Inspection Law  

By now you may have heard that New York City has a new parking inspection law. Modeled after the 2018 State of New York parking inspection law (Section 1202.4 of Title 19 NYCRR), the City of New York has revised NYC Construction Codes §28-323 and RCNY §103-13(local law 126) to keep buildings, local communities and parking structure end-users safe.  

Launched on January 1, 2022, owners of parking structures must now hire a New York State licensed and registered professional engineer (Qualified Parking Structure Inspector) to inspect the parking structure and file a condition assessment report with the New York City Department of Buildings at least once every six years.  

So as a parking structure owner or owner’s rep (facility manager, property manager, or parking management company), what does this mean for you? 

StructureCare is here to help.  

As the nation’s leading structural engineering firm focused solely on maintaining the integrity of parking structures and garages, we are certified by both the City and the State to provide the required inspections necessary under this law. We have completed the rigorous process to become a QPSI, so we are confident we can show you the path to compliance.  

First Step: Understand You Parking Structure’s Cycle 

New York City has designed the implementation of the law so this it occurs within a staggered cycle approach based on borough municipal district over the next six years. If you are responsible for a single parking structure, you will first need to identify when your parking structure’s inspection is due to be complete based on its geographic location. If you are responsible for a portfolio of parking structures, the inspections for the facilities should be prioritized based on the cycles set forth by the City.  

To find out the exact timing of the cycles, download our NYC Parking Inspection FAQ here. 

If the thought of coordinating and scheduling these parking inspections have you concerned, StructureCare can help you. We provide parking structure inspections across the nation as part of our core services 

Second Step: Understand the full NYC parking inspection process.  

Once you have identified the correct cycle for your parking structure, you will need to understand the process needed to inspect and submit the necessary reports. There are set filing fees and penalties surrounding the condition assessment process, along with costs charged by the QPSI inspectors to perform their services, so you will need to be prepared to account for the timing and potential costs associated with submitting your inspection package.  

Non-compliance is not really an option, as it will result in hefty fines and may ultimately lead to the suspension and/or removal of an owner’s building permit. 

Don’t let the details of the law distract you from achieving compliance. StructureCare is ready to help. We apply a three-prong approach to client management to ensure you have the resources you need. All of our clients have access to a field engineer, project manager, and a client service manager. Together, this team will guide you through the process, making compliance easy and simple.  

Third Step: Engage a Qualified Parking Structure Inspector (QPSI) 

Once you have identified the correct cycle for your parking structure and understand all of the process details, you will now need to engage a QPSI to perform the inspection. Steven Jeter, Senior Field Engineer for StructureCare, is a certified QPSI and is ready to help you. Steven is based in Queens and his background in forensic structural engineering makes him an ace at performing structural investigations to determine root cause analysis.  

Get to know Steven by reading about his professional bio or contact him directly to get the process started 


The new NYC parking inspection law doesn’t have to be a hassle with StructureCare by your side. Don’t wait, act today!  

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